Light and Dark 1

He was walking by the  river Timara, basking in the golden light cast by the dusking Sun. He was enjoying the loneliness and softness brought by the cool river breeze flowing over his skin. He never understood the chaos the world was built on; his ever struggling father to meet the ends and his ever worrying mother on how to meet the ends, never made any sense to him. His not many friends are always fun to be around though they always make him wonder  how little their brains are..

Orange sun

settling himself on the rock facing the river and sun.. he closed his eyes relishing the peace the breeze brought along.
“If you ready, kid” , a voice ringed inside. The boy trembled a bit ; recognising the voice, he wondered why he never get used to it..
A green being around 12 foot tall stood beside the boy with a sort of smile like expression. “Look at that.. it’s so beautiful ain’t it.. ” , the boy said pointing at the orange sun.. “It’s not scary” the being telepathed with a little bit more noticeable smile like expression.

The green being is a resident of star system Gyrae that was some 200 light years away from Earth. The boy was familiar with him for some 3 years since he was 12, through his dreams.. only met him outside dreams a few days back..

The boy, since he was 12 started seeing the ‘blue world’ filled with green beings in his dreams. Not a day he missed visiting it since it all started .. Blue village, the way the boy calls it, become so familiar to him that he can recognise every green being and blue tree like structure that exist there. He likes them all..  and even nicknamed some of the beings.. since he found certain names like Stiu Pihd Hass that belongs to an elder green member is very complex to spell; He calls him Mr Stu instead.

He used to feel a bit startled in the beginning and tried discussing this with his mother only to get some fine suggestion on how to pray before going to bed. Eventually he got  used to it and started taking it less serious and more fun.

“Do you remember the first time we met, Mr Ken,”  the boy reminded the tall being,  ” I was staring at that Green Sun in the Blue village.. and you asked me.. is it beautiful?”. “Yes, and you replied.. GHOST!.. GHOST!.., ”  Kie Eni Niek made the boy felt..

Kie Eni Niek  started communicating with the boy since the first day the boy visited the Blue world in his dreams. The boy greeted him   “GHOST!.. GHOST!.. ” which didnt really surprised him much.. somehow..

(will continue… )