The Kiss..

“I got lost.. in the woods and the pour..
Wandering in the darkness.. I searched for light holding the lantern of desire..
My bare feet cuddling earth.. in its thorny steeps..
My spine went froze.. in the ruthless frost..
the claws of solitude crushing me and I found.. pain everywhere..
My eyes went useless.. and my body went numb..  still my heart burning..
My mind is chilled and my soul still asleep.. dreaming in its eternity..
Dangling to my last breath I found light… I found you.. O my dear.. the moment..
thunder shook my soul awake.. and leapt the mind alive..
senses got elate and blood gushed inside..
I reached you crushing the thorns.. tearing the cold..
Hugging you tight.. I shattered the shackles loneliness tied..
The heat throbbed my heart and I kissed you hard craving with desire..
My arms held you close and I kissed you and I kissed you and I kissed you..”

                                                                — Ananth


2 comments on “The Kiss..

  1. madhu says:

    Amazing Words with Feel

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