An Eternal Night..


“The coldness may still reach inside piercing the walls..  not me my dear..
Im holding u close.. inside the bubble of warmth..
closing my eyes Im feeling ur soul your warm breath blowing in my ears..
my hands slowly.. moving down feeling the softness of your back.. and smoothness of your hair
my lips on your closed eyes descending on to ur lips..
the world is no more bitter my dear .. let this sweetness stay forever.. I love you my dear..

I can feel the softness of your heart and the warmth it carried straight to my heart..
feeling the smoothness your heart carried I descended down exploring the peaks and valleys and the treasures they carried with my lips..

We become one with pain you whispered in my ears…
Let the world end now..  we die as one..
love you forever baby..
The pleasure filled you through me and we relished it together..
our trembling bodies matched with our soul..  our lips craving together..
lets stay as one.. leaving the world  and the concerns it carries behind..
lets stay  as one.. till eternity.. lets stay as one.. let this night never end.. let this night never end..”


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4 comments on “An Eternal Night..

  1. madhura says:

    Wow.. Filled with Passion. Emotions presented very neatly and nicely. Wonderful.

  2. padmarpita says:

    Passionate feel….i like :-)

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