“He is the feet set to trail.. when the road is filled with thorns..
He is the boat set to sail.. when the shore is roaring with storms..

He is the mountain standing tall.. showing way to the lost..
He is the star shining bright.. in the midst of darkness..

He is the being clad in determination.. and the soul of courage..
He is the purpose shone the dawn.. and the whole filled the dusk.. ”




A river’s guilt..

“I was not the same.. with the new streams cleansing my old self  in the time’s play…
Alas, I cant relish that.. for I’m.. always.. the same in your eyes.. 
The guilt..  I cant get over.. not because I’m the same.. but that you cant see the change… 
I wish I’m those trees shedding and blossoming.. not because they are beautiful.. but that you can see the change.. “



Image courtesy: Graham Gercken, painter